Halil Demir

Yes. I can say it was hard. But it was as enjoyable as the harsh conditions. If you ask me what the challenges were, I can easily say the cold weather. Yet as an actor, it was one of the best experiences. You need to find alternative ways to focus and keep your concentration fixed on what you are doing.  Additionally, for the first time, I was an actor and an actor coach. These two has certain forms. You need to be practical in the same day and must have different approaches. But the pleasure of this job is to see the well-executed job we have completed.

You will see me as Selim, the best friend of the main character and the coffeehouse owner.   Selim couldn’t carry out his passion. He is stuck in this place and he doesn’t feel like he belongs there. He is a strong character despite of all the weakening stimulus. He is a deep and sincere friend we all want in our lives.

And I am looking forward to seeing the success of our little actor Yunus Emre. We had an intense work. Everything went well. If I must describe the team without saying that “we are like a family and we are constantly seeing each other”, I would say that the team was sincere. And when you have such a team, you are relieved. Of course, things where easier for me with this team. Actually the experience was rather different for me... I am glad to work with such a beautiful team, director, assistant director, cinematographer, and producer.  I guarantee that you will be part of an authentic atmosphere.