Handere Village of Sarıkamış, Warm People and “Çınar”

Film-making is a hard business, I realize this fact in each stage. People outside this sector will find it hard to understand. The need for barber shop at 5 in the morning, washing your car at 3 in the night, or ordering the only dry cleaner to clean all the clothes stained by mud, and cow duns until the morning, and many other different situations.   

If you are not shooting the film in a big city, you can have serious problems. At this point, human factor is important. Although your needs are weird and surprising for them, the humans are seeing the determination and love in you and do everything they can to help you.

Çınar is filmed in Kars-Sarıkamış/Handere village. Previously a small portion of a movie is filmed here in this village. And a short documentary is also filmed. So people are not unfamiliar with film-making. But we are the only team who spend a long time in the village and formed a connection with the local people. They treated us really nice and we were very happy.

Mukhtar Mr. Yalçın and the Member Mr. Oktay did everything they can for the movie and formed a cooperation between everyone. Additionally, Mr. Oktay was our local production chief. He included his own son to the team and make everyone work really hard for this film. Digging graves in -30 degrees and under 2 metres of snow, lighting a fire to protect us from freezing, and much more. Everyone in the village is featured in the movie, and during filming these people entrusted their belongings to us. Our lead actor is a friend from the village. He denied our offer when we first met him but when we were departing from the village, we had sentimental moments. He didn’t say anything in this hard conditions. We has a feast by eating the creamy pastry made by his mother Mrs. Filiz. Everybody in the village treated us very nice and nobody judged us or put an obstacle. Although we changed the routine of the local people, nobody complaint about it. When we were leaving, they say us goodbye and hug us. I don’t know if they know how important “Çınar” is. But as a team we are grateful to them and thank them with all our heaths. We try to show all the support and friendship and if we had done anything wrong, we would like to apologize.

Admin 29 Mart 2017