Mert Aygun

It was a useful experience for me. Both in terms of region and the character. Niyazi is a man who is in everybody's life. He has a heart of stone and he looks cruel. But there is a little boy hidden inside him. He couldn’t show this boy to anyone. Niyazi is a real character, he is one of us.

He is an important colour in the script. The script is one of the most fastmoving scripts I have ever read. You are wondering what will happen at the end and you are shocked. I literally froze when I finished reading the script. Then, I imagined how would the film look like... When I complete the reading, I wanted to be in the project. Because the story has something to tell. It has an issue to point out.

This is a film that every actor would like to be included in. I know that the same effect will be transferred to the audience. Maybe even more I imagined. Because the language of cinema is effective and out director has performed an amazing job. Even though I didn’t watch the whole film, I saw amazing scenes. I am really looking forward to seeing the film.