Kars is one the most impressive cities of the world and of Turkey with its history, climate, geography, flora, fauna, people, and cultural heritage. Combined with these conditions, it is our duty to transfer these values to the next generations.

The winter in the city is harsh, people are tested with the harsh environment and generated a different culture with their experience.  As humans reconcile with nature, clothing, cuisine, architecture, and literature develops. In some sense, we are obliged to do that. There are also visual treasures presented by the nature. Kars spread this visual feast with its villages.

Under these conditions, we tried to combine this material presented by the nature with the cultural heritage of local people of Kars, and try to express the story from the perspective of a family. Geography tests people, and people test themselves. I wanted to witness this struggle of self-realization created by body and mind and express these struggles to the audience by talking about Kars and the local people with questions and problems in our story. 

Also, I had undergone seven surgeries because of polio. I completed the elementary school because my mother carried me on her back to the school for five years.  I wanted to show this rocky road to other people. My other objective is to show to eight and a half million handicapped people in Turkey as well as handicapped people around the world what they can achieve. I wanted to encourage them, prove what can be done, and to save them from the dark world. I also wanted to show what can handicapped children achieve if the mothers support their children.

I am dedicating this film to my mother who carried me to school for five years and whose name was ÇINAR.

Admin 16 Şubat 2017